The SDG Spotlight is a regular section of our Blog that lets you get to know a member of our friendly and hard-working team better. It also provides insights on our team member’s role in helping to make your dental experience at our clinic a positive one. We look forward to your feedback and comments. 

When a person / patient is anxious in an unfamiliar setting, the sight and reassurance of someone who is patient and friendly with you will somehow ease that feeling. At Specialist Dental Group (SDG), we have our senior dental nurse, Lee Lee, who has been a dental assistant for more than 15 years (8 years with SDG), to care for our patients that way.

Lee Lee is a petite nurse with a generous touch of kindness and a ready smile for patients and if you have been to our clinic, you will see how soft spoken she is. When she talks with patients, she has a flair for easing their dental chair anxieties or fear of the dental drill.

She is a certified dental nurse of the National Examination Board for Dental Nurses (United Kingdom) and a certified nurse of Singapore Nursing Board. Lee Lee is a Singaporean fluent in multiple languages such as English, Mandarin and Hokkien, a Chinese dialect.

As a senior dental nurse, Lee Lee also performs a variety of roles in patient care, office and laboratory duties and works seamlessly with our team of dentists with different specialties under one roof. On top of that, she also helps to organize, plan and prioritize the workflow in the clinic.

Lee Lee is also a mother of an adorable 3-year-old girl. Her interests include collecting miniature perfume bottles and catching up with long-time friends. She hopes to do more traveling to experience different cultures and to widen her knowledge.

What she likes about her role at SDG:

  • The challenge of working side by side with different dental specialists and the opportunity for first-hand experience to see various dental procedures.
  • Interacting with people from different professions, countries and cultures – every day is never the same and there’s always something new to learn each day
  • As part of her job to train other existing and new nurses, she enjoys interacting with nurses from different countries. During the training she also gets to know each nurse better and this allows her to understand how other nurses in other practices/ countries have worked
  • Most importantly, Lee Lee feels a sense of satisfaction when patients come back to SDG with a smile on their face and their teeth continue to be maintained in excellent condition

What makes your day?

A lot of patients have dental anxiety and you need to take time to talk to them and help them get over some this fear. It makes my day when I accomplish this – seeing patients come in and leave happily with their dental problem fixed. Their smile on the face shows their satisfaction and confidence in our service.

Her passion in life:

I believe in having a passion for whatever profession or job you chose in life. It will make for a happy environment and person as a whole. My passion is to be part of helping people regain their confidence in their beautiful smile.

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