As running enthusiasts in Singapore look forward to the annual Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon this weekend, we thought it would be appropriate for a blog post on running and dental issues.   

Marathons are a fun, competitive and increasingly popular activity around the globe.  Training for a marathon and being actively involved in sport activities has a large number of health benefits, which one will appreciate in the long run (pun intended).

We have often written about  the close connection between oral and overall health but do you know that there is a connection between oral health and sport activities as well?  Despite the many benefits it may bring, we should not neglect the possible dental issues that may arise as a result of long hours of sport activities. 

One of the common complaints is tooth sensitivity.  When one is running, large amount of inhaling takes place and breathing is heavier with the mouth open, thus, exposing the teeth to the wind.  Constant breathing in of air can heighten the discomfort of teeth sensitivity.

Other dental issues include jaw pain and tooth pain, especially during some serious training.  A person may unknowingly tighten his or her jaws while exercising, causing pressure on the gums and nerves beneath the teeth. 

IAnother area of concern would be the type of fluid intake during a run. Although fluids are essential to prevent dehydration and water is the most suitable drink for most workouts, many would prefer a isotonic beverage.  It is advisable to rinse your mouth or drink a glass of water after consumption of a sport beverage.  This is to prevent erosion of the tooth enamel and subsequent sensitivity of the tooth.

Just remember that whilst you are on the route to achieving a healthier lifestyle, you may want to take care of your mouth as diligently as how you would to achieve a fit physique. 

Have you experienced any dental problems associated with running and/or other exercise? Do share with us. We would love to hear from you.


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