Specialist Dental Group (SDG) is delighted to be one of three finalists in the 2010 Singapore Experience Awards’ Best Healthcare Experience” category. The other two finalists are large, well-respected and publicly traded healthcare organizations, thus making it an honour for the clinic to be in such distinguished company.

The Singapore Tourism Board’s annual Singapore Experience Award celebrates individuals and organizations who have distinguished themselves by creating, redesigning or evolving their experience model, winning the seal of approval from their customers.

“Our clinic is committed to the establishment of Singapore as a healthcare hub, particularly for complex multi-specialty procedures, which is where the strength of our healthcare providers lie,” says Dr Neo Tee Khin, Director and Prosthodontist with SDG

According to Dr Ansgar Cheng, Director and Prosthodontist with SDG, the clinic is not built based on top notch equipment and a convenient location alone – it survives and thrives on its excellent reputation. Being a finalist for the Best Healthcare Experience reflects the hard work put in by its team of dental specialists, nurses, front desk managers and administrative staff to provide an excellent standard of care to its patients.

“Whenever we hire new staff, one question that we always ask them is “Who is the boss of the clinic?” The answer – Our patients/clients. Patients need to be the centre of what we do. We also need to keep the end goal in mind – long term, predictable results to improve their quality of life over a long period of time,” says Dr Cheng.

In addition to providing cutting edge treatment, the Specialist Dental Group clinical team is active in conducting clinical research, teaching, speaking at conferences and publishing in professional journals. They have the most active professional publication record among all private dental practices in Singapore.

The strengths of SDG are four-fold:

1)     Access to leading dental specialists from different specialty areas with one appointment without an additional consultation fee.

2)     Digital x-rays and CT scans are available within seconds as they are taken onsite at the clinic’s dedicated imaging facilities.

3)     The clinical team also has the ability to accommodate the tight schedule of their patients with dental treatment that suits their dental condition and time constraints

4)     SDG’s active online presence and accessibility is unique in the Singapore healthcare industry – the clinic has an actively updated website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter account

Approximately over 50% of the clinic’s patients are either expatriates or international patients who fly into Singapore for dental and medical treatment. Historically, its international patients were mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. However, with the growth of budget travel and the spread of the internet, more patients are coming to Singapore from Russia, Bangladesh, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Vietnam. Thus convenience and timely completion of treatment are important to them. With signature dental solutions such as Instant Implants,™ the NobelGuide Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure and Invisalign clear aligners, patients are able to receive the required treatment to suit their busy schedules.

About Specialist Dental Group

Specialist Dental Group is one of the largest multi-specialty dental specialist groups in Singapore. The clinic will be celebrating its 31st anniversary this year. Signature services include dental implants (including Instant Implants and the NobelGuide Teeth-in-an-Hour implant procedure), crowns, orthodontics (braces and Invisalign), oral surgery and gum treatment. The clinic’s founder, the late Dr Henry Lee, placed the first titanium dental implants in Singapore more than 25 years ago.

The clinic was recently awarded Diamond Partner Status with NobelBiocare for its experience in providing dental implant treatment. The Diamond Partner Status recognizes clinicians/practices who have achieved a high level of expertise and experience through the volume of cases conducted.

For more information on Specialist Dental Group, visit www.specialistdentalgroup.com

Our Awards & Achievements

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Singapore Quality Class
with Service Niche / Enterprise Singapore / 2019

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Bronze Award
Singapore HEALTH Award

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Best Healthcare Experience
Singapore Experience Awards 2012

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Winner, "Promising Brands"
Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2011


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