Specialist Dental Group was recently featured in a Kaltim Post article (newspaper based in Kalimantan, Indonesia) about healthcare in Singapore. You can read the full article in Bahasa Indonesia by clicking here.

For the convenience of our blog readers who do not understand Bahasa Indonesia, we have summarized the relevant portion of the article in English below.



ACCURACY: 3D X-rays are used to ensure that the installation of dental implants is accurate at Specialist Dental Group

Apart from visiting the restructured hospitals in Singapore, we also visited several private hospitals in Singapore, such as Raffles Hospital, Thomson Medical Center, Specialist Dental Group in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and Pacific Healthcare at Paragon Mall. In Singapore, the hospital is not just a place for treatment but also to beautify yourself or as a lifestyle enhancer.

At Specialist Dental Group, there is a method to straighten your teeth by using transparent aligners (Invisalign). According to Dr. Ansgar C Cheng, these aligners are very useful especially for those who may feel shy in wearing braces. Invisalign uses 3-dimensional computer technology to plan a comprehensive treatment, and consisting of a series of specially personalized aligners for the patient. Each aligner is used approximately 2 weeks before being replaced by the next, and gradually straightening your teeth until the final pair of aligners are used.

“You will not know that a person is wearing the aligners, because Invisalign is transparent (clear),” he said. 

Invisalign treatment takes about 1-3 years to complete, and may require an average of 10-50 pairs of aligners. Invisalign treatment is suitable to close gaps between teeth, or teeth that are mild to moderately crowded. “The benefits of using Invisalign, are because the aligners are not as obvious as conventional metal braces, and it is very easy to install and remove, which makes it easy to clean the aligners and the teeth,”  said Dr. Cheng.

In addition, Specialist Dental Group also provides dental implants in a single day. “Most dental implants take weeks, while it just takes a day here,” he said. 


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