Dr. Ansgar Cheng spoke on the topic, “Keeping a Healthy Smile in Your Golden Years” at the recent 50+ Expo 2009, the largest fair for seniors in Singapore. Over 100 exhibitors participated. Parkway Health was one of the major sponsors of the event, with a section on Health & Fitness at the Expo. Dr. Cheng was a speaker for Parkway Health.

One of the challenges as a person ages, is preserving and maintaining the condition of their teeth. Growing older doesn’t necessarily mean that one should accept loss of teeth and a lower quality of life as a natural part of ageing.

Teeth replacement can improve the nutritional status of older persons who may have had to change their nutrition intake due to missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures. When a person reduces their intake of fruits, vegetables, meats and other “difficult-to-eat” food, he or she does not have a balanced diet and ends up being susceptible for various health disorders.

With proper care of existing teeth and the use of dental technology to replace missing teeth, one can have a healthy smile during the golden years and beyond.

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