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What is Teeth Whitening?

  • Teeth whitening refers to the process of brightening teeth.
  • It is a non-invasive, in-clinic procedure that help you achieve a dazzling smile.

What is Involved?

  • Initial Consultation 
  • Treatment
  • Follow Up Care
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Teeth Whitening Fees

  • Treatment Fees
  • Medisave Claimable?
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Who are the Dental Specialists/ Dentists?

  • Dr Neo Tee Khin
  • Dr Ansgar Cheng
  • Dr Edwin Tan
  • Dr Steven Soo
  • Dr Ho Kok Sen
  • Dr Helena Lee
  • Dr Daylene Leong
  • Dr Tan Kian Meng
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What are the Types of Teeth Whitening

  • In-clinic treatment
  • Home maintenance and touch up kit
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my teeth be whitened? I have tried whitening toothpastes but to no effect.
  • I recently notice little dark spots on my teeth, particularly on my front teeth. When I brush, they go away a little but by the end of the day, they are back. What is this and how do I get rid of it? I do not drink coffee, but I do smoke a few cigarettes a day.
  • How can I keep and maintain my teeth white after teeth whitening treatment?
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Our Awards & Achievements

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