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Natural Dental Crowns (Dental Crown Procedures) in Singapore

Natural Dental Crowns (Dental Crown Procedures) in Singapore


Your smile can be your crowning glory with the help of a dental crown. A crown is a restoration that completely covers or cap teeth, restoring them to their natural size, shape and colour. Completely natural-looking, crowns look almost like real teeth.

A crown can help to strengthen teeth that are weakened by, for example, large cavities and teeth that were treated with root canal treatment. They may also be used to cover teeth that are discoloured or badly shaped. As part of the treatment for replacing missing teeth, dental crowns can also be used to attach bridges and to cover dental implants (implant crown).

There are different type of dental crowns, including zirconium, porcelain, porcelain-fused to metal and gold alloys. Consult our dental specialists in Prosthodontics (cosmetic dentistry & missing teeth replacement) in Singapore to find out if dental crown is a suitable treatment option for you.

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Natural Dental Tooth Bridge in Singapore

A dental tooth bridge, which is also known as fixed partial denture, is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is attached to the adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. A dental tooth bridge is attached to the natural teeth surrounding the problematic area. Bridges are like artificial teeth that can improve your appearance and help you smile with confidence.

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Oral Biopsy & Cyst Removal

Oral Biopsy
In the early stages of the development, oral cancer is often painless and its physical signs may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Oral cancer occurs where an abnormal group of cells (tumour) develop on the surface of the tongue, mouth, lips or gums. Less commonly, it can occur in the salivary glands, tonsils and the part of the throat that leads from your mouth to your windpipe (the pharynx).If diagnosed early, survival rates are high. Treatment can be a combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery.
A cyst is a sac of tissue that has either fluid or soft material inside it. Cysts can form in a wide range of tissues including in the face and mouth. Some form next to or around teeth.

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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery covers a broad selection of dental procedures from simple extractions to complex procedures such as jaw surgery. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with our team of experienced specialists including an oral maxillofacial surgeon, periodontists, prosthodontists and a paedodontist.

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Paediatric Dentistry

It is a myth that children’s teeth are not important since they will fall out anyway. The early introduction of dentistry to young children is an important primer for the child; how he/she perceives and responds to dentists early will influence how they view dental care when they reach adulthood. By introducing dental care at an early age, it can help your child to understand the significance of taking care of their teeth as well as an easier acceptance towards dentist visits.

Maintaining our teeth is a lifelong commitment we should instill in children early in life. When children are equipped with proper life skills and educated on making the right dietary choices, we can be certain they will enjoy eating, smiling and maintaining good oral health throughout their lives. At Specialist Dental Group, we ensure that each child is treated by a skilled paediatric dentist when they visit our clinic in Singapore. Make an appointment here.

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Pre-Surgery Assessments

Pre-Surgery Assessments are highly recommended for medically compromised patients who are scheduled for major surgery or cancer treatment, e.g. radiation or chemotherapy. It ensures that the risk of oral complications in the middle of, or post-treatment are minimised.

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Reduction of Double Chin (CoolSculpting®)

Do you find that you have a double chin and would like to remove it? With the help of modern technology, CoolSculpting® uses a patented cooling process to target and eliminate fat cells in the submental area (chin) for the long term. This series of non-surgical treatments do not require any needles and do not result in any downtime.

How does it work?
1) The CoolSculpting® procedure targets and cools fat cells to temperatures that trigger fat cells apoptosis (programmed cell death).

2) There is no change to the appearance of nerves or other tissues as the lipids in fat crystallises at a warmer temperature than water in other types of cells.

3) After treatment, fat cells enter an apoptotic death sequence and are gradually removed naturally in the next few weeks and months.

4) The treated fat cells are gone for good and the thickness of the double chin is reduced.

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Reduction of Square Jaw

While lower square jaws are often considered a positive trait in men, a wide lower jaw in women can distort the natural appearance of the angle between the chin and the neck, and cause significant facial discordance and/or masculinization of the female face. Even in certain men, the size of the lower jaw can cause facial disharmony—particularly when there is asymmetry. This square jaw appearance is further accentuated in Asians because of their smaller facial structures.

Square jaw reduction can create an almond shaped face shape for ladies and a youthful sleek look for the men.

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