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  • Specialists spend additional years in intensive training in a specific area of dentistry, and most go on to take a specialty examination in order to be certified by the relevant specialty board
  • Dental specialists also spend a significant amount of clinical time performing the dental procedures within their specialty area of practice. Thus, they are more experienced with these dental procedures and are able to comfortably handle complex cases.
  • Specialists are also more likely to be familiar with complications that may arise with respect to their specific area of specialty, and would be more likely to be in a position to address these complications
  • Dental specialists would be able to carry out a procedure more efficiently due to familiarity with the specific procedure
  • Specialists can also provide a second opinion if you are unsure about the appropriate dental treatment for your particular dental condition
  • Most specialists are involved in teaching and sharing their knowledge with their peers, and would therefore be likely to be current on the latest methods and technologies in dentistry
  • When considering a major dental procedure, or a treatment that may represent a significant expense, it is important to have peace of mind that you are in good hands, and have found the right person to resolve your dental issue.

The typical dental specialty training includes four years of dental school and a further three years of full-time intensive advanced training in a recognized specialized area of dentistry. In order to be considered fully qualified, upon completion of training, the dentist would need to be certified by a specialty board such as the American Board of Prosthodontics, the Royal College of Dentists (Canada) or the Royal College of Dental Surgeons (Edinburgh), the Dental Specialists Accreditation Board (Singapore) and other similar bodies.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Health established the Dental Specialist Register as of January 1, 2008. There are a total of seven specialty areas of dentistry in Singapore:

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