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Our Locations

Specialist Dental Group® has three clinics at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and one clinic at the Gleneagles Medical Centre.

Our staff will confirm with you via phone call, email or SMS, the name of the specialist that you will be seeing and the unit that you should register at.

If you are visiting our Orchard location, please note the following:

If you are visiting our Gleneagles location, please note the following:

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to call our front office at (65) 6734 9393 or email us at info@specialistdentalgroup.com (Orchard) or Gleneagles@specialistdentalgroup.com (Gleneagles).



  • You can pre-register ahead of time by completing our registration form online
  • If you prefer to register at the clinic, we suggest that you come in 15 minutes earlier to register. Please bring along your identification card/passport to your appointment for registration purposes.

Reception Area

While waiting for your consultation and digital x-ray to be taken, please feel free to browse through our selection of magazines and newspaper, watch television or read our dental articles.

For those of you with smartphone or notebook computers, we also have free wi-fi access for you to check your email or surf the internet.

Consultation with our Dental Specialist(s)

Our dental nurse will lead you to the consultation room to meet our dental specialist(s).

One of the benefits of seeing a dental specialist at our clinic is the ability to access different types of specialists with one visit. Thus, depending on your dental needs and prior appointment booking, you may be able to consult with more than one type of specialist during the same appointment.

Our specialist will recommend the best treatment options for your dental condition after the diagnosis. If you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, depending on the procedure involved, most treatments can be started at the same visit.

Taking of radiographs (x-rays)

If this is your first time visiting our clinic, we usually recommend that you have a digital x-ray taken to enable our specialists to provide you with a thorough and detailed diagnosis.

  • An x-ray offers approximately 60% more information when compared with a visual inspection.
  • It allows our dental specialist to see the condition of your jawbones, and much more and will assist our dental specialist in providing the best possible treatment options for you, based on your current dental condition.

Should you have an x-ray that has been taken not more than six months ago, you can also bring it with you to your dental appointment. Do note that your clinical condition may change with time and a new radiograph may be needed if a long period of time has elapsed since your last x-ray.

Dedicated Imaging Facilities

Specialist Dental Group’s imaging facilities are exclusively for the use of our patients

  • The process of taking an x-ray is quick
  • The results can be seen in the consultation room computer within seconds
  • The discussion of treatment options can proceed efficiently
  • You are able to make a decision about your treatment without unnecessary delays
  • Our staff can also email a copy of your x-ray upon request


  • For female patients who are pregnant, please inform our front office staff and dental nurse about your condition.
  • The common practice in our clinic is that we try to avoid exposing a pregnant woman to radiation as a preventive measure. However, we do have safety measure to take radiographs for pregnant patients if their clinical condition warrants a clear radiographic diagnosis. e.g., a bad dental infection which may trigger off pre-term labour.

Other X-rays/Imaging

  • Depending on the dental condition and the procedures recommended, the dental specialist may recommend other types of radiographs or scans to be taken
  • Lateral cephalometric radiograph (Ceph) during braces consultation
  • TMJ radiographs for jaw joint disorder consultation
  • Computerized tomography (CT) Scan (3D imaging) for dental implants and other surgical procedures
  • Bite wing x-ray and periapical radiographs to get a detailed image of a particular tooth.

Prior to taking an x-ray,

  • Earrings and other metallic ornaments (e.g. nose rings) should be removed
  • Patients who wear dentures need to remove the dentures.


  • The radiation dosage of our new digital x-ray equipment is less than 50% of conventional x-ray equipment. This is the approximately the same radiation exposure if one has an hour of sunshine under a good sunny day. In other words, it is an extremely safe procedure.
  • There is also a higher margin of safety with digital x-rays as the images are more detailed and allows better measurement and view of your teeth and jaw anatomy

Discharging and Payment

At the end of your dental appointment (when the consultation, examination and treatments (if any) are completed), you will proceed to the reception area to be discharged by our front office staff.

Payment Options

  • Cash, credit card and NETS – Our front office staff will summarize the treatments which have been completed during your visit and will inform you about the applicable fees. Payment can be settled by cash, credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express and China UnionPay), and NETS.
  • Medisave may be used for certain surgical procedures including dental implant surgery and wisdom teeth surgery. Click the link for more information on the amount claimable from Medisave.
  • Installments – Check with our friendly receptionists if there are any  offers installment plans available.
  • Insurance – For patients with insurance coverage, our general policy is to collect the payment from the patients and assist in completing the insurance claim form so that the insurance company will reimburse patients for their treatment. Certain insurance companies have made special arrangements with our clinic and you may want to enquire via our website if your insurance company has such an arrangement in place.

Our front office staff will also provide instructions on medication to be taken (if any) and post-surgery tips as well as provide assistance as needed. If a follow up visit is required, our front office staff will arrange an appointment for you based on your availability.

We look forward to your visit and being your partner in dental health !

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