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Review by DoctorXDentist (Feb 2017)

We were pleased to have the opportunity to show the team behind DoctorXDentist around our clinics on a Saturday morning. You can read more about their…

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The Straits Times, 2 Feb 2016: Dr Eugene Chan – Knowing his limits helps his training

This article first appeared on The Straits Times on 2 February 2016. We have reproduced it for the information of those of you who missed it…

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Overseas Chinese Daily News, November 2013: “牙箍与隐适美®”

美国矫正学会 (The American Association of Orthodontists) 建议,所有儿童应该在7岁之前与矫齿科专科医生进行一次评估,好监察孩子的牙列和颚骨的生长和发育。

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Dental Tribune Asia Pacific Edition, November 2013: “ANZ Invisalign Forum on Fiji – An excellent Event”

Dr Eugene Chan, orthodontist at Specialist Dental Group, gave a presentation on how to confidently prescribe extraction treatment plans, as well as how to diagnose and treat Class III cases with Invisalign during the Invisalign Forum in Fiji

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The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, July 18, 2013: More reasons to smile

“Patients who are aesthetically conscious and do not want the ‘Ugly Betty’ look can now be treated with ‘invisible’ aligners and start smiling with more confidence. Invisalign is a series of transparent aligners that move the teeth over a period of time,” Dr Eugene Chan says

“The ceramic braces that we provide at Specialist Dental Group are the latest design and offer patients a more aesthetic option and are much more comfortable than some other ceramic braces available,” says Dr Eide

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Straits Times, Oct 27, 2012: Best Healthcare Experience

Specialist Dental Group (SDG) is the Recipient of “Best Healthcare Experience” at the Singapore Experience Awards 2012. SDG stood out for delivering a painless dental treatment experience. Read the article to find out how patients at SDG have a positive visit to the dentist.

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Lianhe Zaobao, Dec 8, 2011: The Dental Team that Treats the Patient As Boss

“We need to improve the patient’s quality of life as a long-term goal, and we work together with the patient to achieve this goal.” Specialist Dental Group’s remarkable success is due to their sincerity to every patient,” Dr Neo Tee Khin says.

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