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Review by DoctorXDentist (Feb 2017)

We were pleased to have the opportunity to show the team behind DoctorXDentist around our clinics on a Saturday morning. You can read more about their…

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Ezyhealth Magazine, April 2014 issue: “Fixed Bridges VS Dental Implants”

Ultimately, traditional tooth borne bridges are still a viable choice in some situations, however, dental implants now offer the possibility of having natural, comfortable and stable long term teeth replacements without the need for further tooth destruction.

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Natura Magazine, March 2014 issue: “A Day In The Life of a Prosthodontist – Behind The Smile”

A prosthodontist is a “restorative dentist,” explains Dr Tan. This means he is akin to an architect of a dental treatment plan: a specialist who assesses a patient’s need from a holistic point of view and then prescribes a customised therapy plan. “It’s not just about a tooth or two but how the treatment impacts the patient’s entire oral health, his appearance, and how he eats and speaks on a day-to-day basis,” continues the dentist.

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Overseas Chinese Daily News, November 2013: “让您拥有完美笑容”



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Overseas Chinese Daily News, November 2013: “陈哲兴修复科专科牙医访谈”



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Ezyhealth Magazine, November 2013 issue: “Beyond Milk Teeth – 5 common dental problems in kids”

“Maintaining our teeth is a lifelong commitment which we should instill to our children early in life,” Dr Edwin Tan shares.

“When we equip our children with the proper life skills and educate them on making the right dietary and health choices, we can be certain they will enjoy eating, smiling and maintain good health throughout their lives,” Dr May Ling Eide

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Ezyhealth Magazine, September 2013 issue: “Tooth Sensitivity – What you need to know”

Tooth sensitivity should not be taken lightly. In most cases, the solution is simple; however, there are times when the case could be more serious. It is, therefore, best to seek the expertise of a dental surgeon before dismissing it as something trivial.

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