Health No.1, March 2015 issue: What are some effective remedies to treat mouth ulcers? (id)

This article first appeared in the March 2015 issue of Health No.1 (健康No.1). For the benefit of those who missed the article, or who cannot access the…

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Ezyhealth Magazine, April 2014 issue: “Fixed Bridges VS Dental Implants” (id)

Ultimately, traditional tooth borne bridges are still a viable choice in some situations, however, dental implants now offer the possibility of having natural, comfortable and stable long term teeth replacements without the need for further tooth destruction.

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The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, July 18, 2013: More reasons to smile (id)

“Patients who are aesthetically conscious and do not want the ‘Ugly Betty’ look can now be treated with ‘invisible’ aligners and start smiling with more confidence. Invisalign is a series of transparent aligners that move the teeth over a period of time,” Dr Eugene Chan says

“The ceramic braces that we provide at Specialist Dental Group are the latest design and offer patients a more aesthetic option and are much more comfortable than some other ceramic braces available,” says Dr Eide

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Ezyhealth Magazine, July 2013 issue: "Pain and Locking Episodes – Signs and symptoms of TMJ Disorder" (id)

TEMPORARY JOINT DISORDER (TMD, TMJ Disorder or Jaw Joint Disorder) is a common condition which affects the jaw joints (TMJ) and the muscles and structures around the joint. Most people know someone who has suffered from this disorder. There are many contributory factors to TMJ Disorder, such as chronic pain syndrome, psychological factors, muscle over-activity, and dental malocclusion (improper bite). In this article, Dr Steven Soo shares with you in more detail on treatment options available for TMJ.

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Shape Magazine, May 2013 issue: “Big Bad Breath” (id)

Halitosis can be transient, as you’ve probably noticed from your partner’s morning yawn. When we sleep, less oxygen flows through the mouth. This allows bacteria to multiply and give off a bad smell, explains Dr Daylene Leong, dental surgeon from Specialist Dental Group Singapore.

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The Straits Times, The New Market, April 1, 2013: “Say ‘ah’ for oral health” (id)

Dr Elizabeth Tan urges parents and caregivers to refrain from letting the baby or toddler fall asleep with the milk bottle or during breastfeeding.
“This causes the milk or juice to pool around the teeth which makes the teeth more susceptible to decay,” she says. “The risk of baby bottle tooth decay may be minimized by encouraging children to start using children’s cups once they are developmentally ready.”

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Lianhe Zaobao, February 7, 2013: “Spring Clean” Your Mouth This Chinese New Year (id)

According to Dr Ho, there is usually a 25-50% increase in the number of patients who consult dentists after the Chinese New Year celebration. Find out what is the practice of Good Oral Care during this Chinese New Year!

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